Flexi Subscriptions and Buying More Credits

As probably some people already noticed, we finished changing our package structure for buying new subscriptions or further credits on LTL Flexi Classes
All old subscriptions remain valid. Nothing will change for existing subscriptions.

What’s New

  1. PACKAGES - One-Off Payment It is possible to buy One-Off packages inside Flexi now. No subscription, no re-bills, just a one off purchase. You will never be billed again.

  2. SUBCRIPTIONS - Pay Every 4 Weeks - subscriptions continue to work the same, but re-billing happens now every four weeks to allow students to plan a fixed number of classes per week. Credits are also valid for four weeks.

  3. New users can now sign up for a one week free trial on Flexi Registration - Flexi Classes. If an existing user gives them a referral code via LTL Flexi Classes they will get credits for 5 group classes for free during the trial. If they purchase something afterwards, the referring student will also receive credits for 5 group classes.

What’s still the same

  1. Students continue have full access to Flexi Classes, even after canceling a subscription. Even without a subscription credits remain valid, students can book and cancel, see their past classes, rate classes etc. They will just not be billed again and not receive additional credits until they subscribe again (or buy a package).

  2. When you have an active subscription you can buy additional individual credits. Just one or a 100 credits, its all up to you. This option is only available while you have an active subscription.

  3. You cannot have two subscriptions at the same time. If you signed up for a subscription you have to wait for that subscription to finish to get another one and receive additional credits. You can however buy individual credits (see point 2 above) or packages during your subscription.

  4. Credits are 100% flexible. They can be used to study different levels/languages/group or 1on1 classes.

  5. It is possible to book classes as far into the future as you want, independently of credit validity. Credit validity only applies to the date by which the booking needs to be made. The class itself can be whenever you want.

  6. Anyone with a subscription receives an email one week before payment as a reminder, so you can cancel in time if you don’t want to. Make sure you whitelist [email protected] to make sure they don’t end up in Spam.

  7. Students can switch between group and 1on1 classes as they like.

  8. You can change your credit card, billing info and see all past invoices on LTL Flexi Classes

  9. To cancel a subscription, press “cancel” on LTL Flexi Classes. There is no need to remove your credit card to cancel a subscription and removing a credit card does not cancel a subscription. Just press “cancel” below your subscription and you will never be billed again.

Any questions, please let us know below - as usual we are very receptive to ideas mentioned on this forum.


Hi Andreas, Do the 5 group classes need to be taken in the 7 day period or can they book in advance like a regular flexi student?

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They can be booked into the future as far as you want without any limitations, like regular Flexi credits