Flexi Student Online Meet Up

We are planning the next Flexi Class students online Meet Up.

To celebrate the launch of our HSK 3+ Flexi Class Level and new Forum on the 30st of May we will have

Student & LTL Team Online Meet-Up

30th of May 2021

Please join us for a casual chat, Chinese practice, studying tips, idea sharing or just to say hello, make friends and meet the people behind the Flexi Class system.

China Time: Sunday Evening 30th of May

Time: 23:00 Beijing Time

Central European Time (CET): Sunday Afternoon 30th of May

Time: 17:00 Paris Time

Americas Time: Sunday Morning 30th of May

Time: 11am New York Time / 8am Los Angeles Time

Our students are from all over the world, so it is a bit late in East Asia and quite early on the US west coast, however still all reasonably ok. Join us for breakfast in the Americas or a late night chat in Asia. This is just a casual hang out to meet other people, have fun and share some experiences with other students. There will be plenty of Chinese learning advice available, so if you have any questions, this is the time to ask.

Requirements: Nothing

Cost: Free

For: Flexi Class students, teachers and staff

Duration: 60 Minutes – but if we have fun we will stay longer

We will have two channels one Mandarin and one in English. You can switch between those later of course at any time.

English Speaking Zoom Channel Launch Meeting - Zoom

Mandarin Speaking Zoom Channel Launch Meeting - Zoom

Zoom meetings only work with a not too big group, so we will limit attendance. If you are interested in attending, please write below to reserve your space.

Flexi Student Meetup May 30 2021.pdf (552.5 KB)


I would love to join the class! Thank you


I will join the meeting


Just a quick bump, looking forward to see you guys a bit later on Zoom

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This was fun, we should do it again!


Yes definitely. We will organise another student meet up online end of June.
I was hoping that we can have some offline meet ups in cities where we have several students (New York, London, Berlin or wherever it turns out we have a bit of a student community) too, but that’s probably the next step.
Was great to e-meet you and the others online yesterday

Ohh, that would be really cool! I’d be down for that!


great. Lets keep an eye on the “Where are you From” topic. Maybe we find a group of people in a city.
So far New York is city number one

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We are having a new Online Flexi Classes Meet Up planned on

@Kateryna-Mandarin-Intro @Kimberly-Mandarin-HSK_4 @Nathaniel-Mandarin-HSK_4
Would be great to see you there