Flexi Review Topics - How are they? Good, bad? Anything to change?

So we have had the Review Topics in action now for a month and I wonder what everyone thinks about them?

  1. Are the teaching pdfs good? We are re-using slides from previous classes. Does that work? Or should we create completely new ones?
  2. Is the content too much/too little for 60 minutes?
  3. How do they work for you organization wise? Do you always study all Topics taught in the review class before taking the review class or sometimes take a review class even without having studied all topics that are being reviewed?
  4. Any other feedback?

Would love to learn more. We want to review and improve the review classes next month and are looking for some feedback what we should change.

All thoughts most welcome!

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I am thinking about to use a review class. I’ve passed the official HSK1 test with no problem, but Chinese live, actually talking, with modern content lessons is something different. Much better. I really love the lesson contents and their structure.
I think I will learn the additional words alone and use HSK1 Review lessons to practise listening and build my own sentences. (Originally I was content learning to read and understand only).