Flexi Quizlet Deck?


Not sure sure if this should be in a new topic or not, apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.

Where would we go to find the Quizlet card that have been created already? Are you using a specific account? I am also perfectly happy to share the sets that I created with others: https://quizlet.com/chereau
Most decks contain the lesson numbers the vocab was taken from. One side has the characters, the other side contains the pinyin and English translation.


I moved this to a new topic. Thanks so much for asking!
We have not created any Quizlet vocab lists yet, just too much stuff going on with HSK 4+, the audio files, BJ city version, TP traditional character teaching materials, Japanese etc. all being done right now.
Its on the list though for sure!
Thanks so much for sharing yours. Does anyone else have any more Quizlet Decks?

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