Flexi Japanese Classes are Online

As of this week we have our Japanese Flexi Classes online. Very exciting!
The cost is the same as Mandarin and Shanghainese, with only one credit per group class and 3 per 1on1 class (Only Vietnamese Flexi Classes are cheaper at 0.5 credits for group and 1.5 for 1on1 class).
We taught our first classes yesterday and got some great feedback from happy students.

It is possible to switch between studying languages on each page - or you can change your default studying language under “Settings”

Let me know how it goes and if anyone needs any help with LTL Japanese Flexi Classes.
We currently have Intro and A1 level group classes online. A2 will follow in August and the higher levels right afterwards.

Facebook Japanese - Beginning


I love that pic :star_struck:


I can’t figure out to get started learning Japanese. Anyone help please?


Hello Jeff and welcome to Flexi Classes. Thanks a lot for asking. I would love to help you but need a bit more information about your situation to give suggestions.
Useful information would be

  1. Your current Japanese level (if any)
  2. Which Japanese level you want to achieve
  3. When you are free to take Japanese classes (best in Tokyo time zone) and how flexible a time table you need (holidays, over time etc.)
  4. If you already bought a Flexi Credit subscription or package. If yes, which one.
  5. If you already took any Flexi Classes
  6. Anything else you are struggling with.

How Flexi Classes Work | A Complete Guide To A New Way Of Learning is a good website to understand how Flexi Classes work.
Also from your forum name it seems that you chose Mandarin with simplified characters as your default language. You can change that to Japanese in Settings (click on your profile picture to get to settings).
Any questions just let us know here and we will be able to help.

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