Flexi Forum Language Categories and Groups

I just re-organized the Flexi Forum for different languages. There are now groups for

Mandarin Language Students
Vietnamese Language Students
Shanghainese Language Students

Please join the group for the language you are interested in

What these groups do is they turn categories of that language to “watching” (which means you will get notifications and emails about new posts) and mute categories for the other languages.
If you join two groups categories for both languages will be set to “watching”

Everyone can access, read and reply to in all categories. You can set individual notification settings for all categories or “unmute" any categories in your “Categories” page.

Wondering why I am unable to reply to any of the Vietnamese topics?

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That has been fixed now. Users can reply to any topics on the Flexi Forum. However if your default language is set to Mandarin and you are part of the Mandarin Students Group, Vietnamese language categories might have been set to “muted” for you. Go to your Categories page, scroll to the bottom and you will see any categories that have been muted down there and you can unmute them.