Flexi Forum as an App on your Forum

I just found out how to install Flexi Forum as a Web App on a phone from my browser.
Either accept the banner that offers you to do so or just do it from your browser.
On my Samsung browser it just takes one click.

I also just enabled notifications and get notified of all new topics created in categories I am tracking or watching which makes managing this forum a lot easier for me.

For Android phones:

On Google Chrome

On Samsung Internet

Anyone else tried this yet? If anyone tried on an iPhone any experience reports would be great to hear about.

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Okay, I found out how it works on an iPhone, at least a bit :
I managed only to link with the login page, not with the forum directly. (It says Time errors)

You go to Safari
(I didn’t succeed with Chrome)

  • Go to the site of forum.flexiclasses.com
  • Go to the login page
  • click the “square with arrow” sign on the bottom
    and then - :see_no_evil: :angry:
  • Don’t forget that you can scroll down here!!! Not only to the side.
  • Click “go to home screen” with the + symbol

Hm, still testing…


Oh thanks so much for trying it out on the iPhone. That would be very helpful to know. I dont have an iPhone :frowning:
Could you send some screenshots maybe?

This time I linked to the lessons page

  • This is, how it looks now

When I click on the menu ( of the lessons page) I can go to the Forum. It then says “Login error”. But if I click on the blue Login button, it nevertheless works fine.

That’s my current status. :thinking:

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Thats very interesting. It’s not possible to do it from this Forum page on iPhone?

If I try to link the Forum directly, it looks good at first, even has the yellow LTL icon. Then I have to put in my login dates. Then it always returns to “Login error”.
When I linked to the login page of the Forum, it seemed to work, but somehow redirected to the lessons page - as far as I understood what happened.
That’s why I now linked to the lessons page directly. I didn’t use LTL on my phone so far, so it is now nice to have both, the lessons, and the Forum.
I did the same procedure with Hack Chinese. @Hack-Chinese-Daniel
This is my current arrangement of Learn Chinese apps. :sunglasses: