First lesson- very happy

Just had my first lesson. Really enjoyed the teacher and he was very encouraging. I thought my reading of Hangul was slow but he told me it was great so that made me feel good about where I’ve gotten on my own before getting actual lessons.


That’s great and welcome to Flexi Forum.
Reading your message was a great way to start my day :smiley:
Who was your teacher?

Great to hear Lisa. I took some Korean classes and it certainly takes time to get used to reading so no stress on your speed.

Take it steady and enjoy the ride.

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My teacher was Sinkwang Joo!


That’s great. I will pass the compliment on if that’s ok.
Our teachers love praise (well, don’t we all :smiley:)

Yes, of course! :slight_smile:


How is the studying going with the other classes? I am flying to Seoul tomorrow, very much looking forward to it.

I’m still enjoying my lessons! :relaxed: Thank you! That’s SEOUL awesome! :joy: I definitely hope to visit there one day. Hope you enjoy your trip! :blush: