Favourite TV Shows to learn a language

I notice in some threads we often gravitate towards talking TV shows. They are a really nice way to learn and chill with a new language.

I currently flick a lot between Japanese and Korean stuff.

Wondering if you all fancied sharing your favourite TV shows in your target language that you are currently watching…

Devils Plan in Korean was mentioned (great, intellectual reality game show)
Run for the Money in Japanese (tad trashy, very silly, but a lot of fun)

I hate to admit this one because it’s everything I typically hate but I’ll blame my wife for hooking me on Single’s Inferno (Korean).

It blows my mind how often the word 진짜 is used in Korean TV!


I see how Single’s Inferno (Korean) is becoming everyone’s guilty pleasure :joy: You’re not alone, Max.

Usually I would lean more on songs and Youtube vids for my Japanese chill sessions. But sometimes, Japanese “soap opera” got me hooked too. My most recent (not “really” recent) binge watch was First Love 初恋 (feel good, everyday life, some moments have English. The storytelling expands from the past to the present, varies among characters of different age groups, so the speaking attitude and word usage is interesting to hear). Then, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (wholesome, slice of life, slow pace, food and restaurant related). Recently I’m into 1 anime too, デキる猫は今日も憂鬱, Dekiru Neko wa Kyō mo Yūutsu (slice of life, about a giant cat taking care of the houseworks for its owner). The exaggerated expression of anime really helps me with listening and shadowing.

I haven’t seen Run for the Money in Japanese, but it looks fun from the trailer. I’ll give it a go when I have the time.

Ah Midnight Diner is superb! I got through this a year or two ago before going to Japan. Great call that one :smiley:

The food in the show is to die for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I watched the first 2 seasons of Single’s Inferno with friends, but I don’t want to watch the 3rd on my own, it is not as fun :laughing:

The Devil’s Plan is an absolute favourite, I really hope there is a season 2!

I just finished “Siren”, another Korean reality game show where all women contestants compete to conquer other team’s bases on a remote island. One team is contestants from the military, there is also police team, athletes, stunt women, firefighters and bodyguards so the show is packed with action.

I have never watched a Japanese game show so maybe I’ll have a go at Run for the Money, but if anyone know more Korean ones, please let me know :heart_eyes:

Nice, adding Siren to the list :laughing:

Run for the Money is only 4 episodes, quite quick and very silly… but I think worth a go. Interested to hear what you think!

Oh by the way… does anyone watch the Traitors? It’s the biggest show in the UK these days and I see it’s gone worldwide in all kind of countries. It actually started in the Netherlands under the name De Verraders.

Might be worth watching in a country with your target language if anyone is interested.

I’d genuinely go as far as saying it’s my favourite reality game show ever. Absolutely hooked. The 2nd series of the Australian version has the most insane ending!

I’m not trying to learn Korean (and my husband is Taiwanese), but we are hooked on Single’s Inferno as well! We now use some Korean words just having picked them up without trying at all from watching Korean shows.

I’m currently watching More Than Blue which is a Taiwanese drama. I’m also watching God Troubles Me (a Chinese anime). I am looking for more recent Taiwanese dramas though since I’m most interested in Taiwanese Mandarin. I’m open to suggestions!

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Ahah looks like we have a Single’s Inferno chat developing here. :laughing:

I see the latest two episodes (which I think are the last two) for Season 3 got released in the UK today. That’s tonight sorted!

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No spoilers! I’m out of town on a work trip this week and I promised my husband I wouldn’t watch them without him. I’m avoiding social media until Friday so I don’t see any spoilers lol!

No worry there, my lips are sealed! Enjoy it :slight_smile:

I’ve heard about the Traitors and I think it is exactly the kind of show I’d like too! Is it on Netflix or a tv channel?

On Netflix I have watched The Mole, which I think has the same premise, kind of a mafia game and a lot of money at stakes.

About Single’s Inferno, avoid Tiktok at all cost!! So many video edits and spoils there

It’s a bit everywhere really depending on the country. In the UK we have BBC iPlayer which had the US and UK versions.

I found the Australian and Dutch versions online but they can get taken down for copyright so it’s getting a bit lucky too.

The website Dailymotion might help if you go there and search :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Dailymotion was still a thing :laughing: I used to watch my first k-dramas there 15 years ago, so happy they are now widely available on almost all platforms!

Devil’s Plan was INCREDIBLE

Rewatched it recently - super bingeable.

I’m not actively learning Korean but it was still fun to pick up phrases like hwaiting (fighting, used like 加油) and jinjja (really?!)

I really should watch more Chinese TV shows to practice listening. The last one I watched was a murder mystery set in Taipei called Light the Night - a really great watch even if Mandarin isn’t your target language!

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Exactly this… I swear you could live in South Korea just using these two words alone!

I love Reset for many reasons:

1, the female lead is strong, not whiny
2, it has a time loop (my favourite trope)
3, in order for FL and ML to save people they have to learn about the life stories of all the passengers on the doomed bus = psychological thriller with a heart
4, their accent isn’t too hard to understand
5, it has a happy ending!


aaaaah sorry I thought you meant TV series… my bad
TV shows are reality TV type thing. Sorry never had a TV, only now learning to enjoy streamed stuff on Netflix and viki.com from my computer

I watch a lot of TV series, mostly through viki.com and Netflix on the computer. I like watching Netflix on the computer because Language Reactor extension shows pinyin, hanzi, and English at the same time, which doesn’t work on the TV.

I watch a mix of Taiwanese and Mainland dramas; I’ve completed 29 dramas so far, and currently watching Two Fathers on Netflix.

@Bethany-Mandarin_Traditional_M , I’ll sometimes follow actors, which helps find shows I like. One Taiwanese actor I follow is Wu Kang-ren. Of his, I’ve watched Mom, Don’t Do That (adult humor/scenes), Autumn’s Concerto, and The Perfect Match. Other (Taiwanese) series I’ve seen are Office Girls and Triad Princess, and one movie - Miss Shampoo (very adult theme).The majority I’ve seen are MC dramas, though; I keep a running list of what I’ve finished watching (with commentary on some of them) if anyone wants to see it.

I’ve watched two Kdramas - Bloodhounds and Doona. I’m currently watching a reality show, Twogether, on Netflix that has Jasper Liu (Chinese) and Lee Seung-gi (Korean) traveling together to different places to meet their fans. It’s hilarious because Liu speaks a little Korean, Lee speaks a little Chinese, and they both speak a little English. The fans’ itineraries have them visiting some really beautiful places, and they complete challenges to find their fan. Fun show!


Following actors is a really good tip for finding more Taiwanese shows, thank you! I watched Office Girls several years ago and enjoyed it. One of my favorite Taiwanese shows is Skip Beat! (I really love the manga its based on), but haven’t been able to find where it’s being streamed now that it’s been removed from Netflix.

No no of course that’s fine. Sharing is caring! The more the merrier, never apologise Pascale :slight_smile:

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