Favourite class so far?

Hi guys! I was just wondering which class you enjoyed the most/found most helpful? I’d love to hear your recommendations :star_struck:

I took the HSK4 ‘Have you prepared for your business trip?’ and found it suuuper helpful, especially the vocab (打印 and 收拾 in particular, as I can definitely use these in daily life!) I also though Carol was a great teacher and explained everything really well, like the difference between 打扫 and 收拾. She was also really fun to chat with throughout the lesson :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The class about getting a COVID vaccine I thought was great and so in-keeping with modern day life as it’s guaranteed to come up in near every conversation we have.

Anything about current affairs and modern-day life gets my vote.


I tried a free speaking class and a listening class recently! They were both really fun and definitely made me step out of my comfort zone (i.e. preparing the material / learning the vocabularies beforehand).

Shout out to the fantastic teachers: Sharon and Carol. For both classes, the materials were a bit difficult but they still managed to explain the content clearly and made sure that I didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

Generally, I also feel the class is more fun and interactive when there are at least 2 students learning at the same time :slight_smile:


I have really liked the new HSK5 classes about random things like paper cutting, empresses in the palace, qin dynasty, monkey king.

Feels like I am learning more things about culture/life - things that you don’t find out just from living in China/Taiwan. I have also liked Sharon as a teacher for these topics, she is very enthusiastic and explains things well!


My most memorable classes so far have been with Robert Cao. He is very passionate about teaching Chinese and sharing his knowledge, each class with him feels like a value-added class loaded with cultural and historical information. What was most memorable for me was during the paper-cutting class, he actually took a piece of paper and followed the paper-cutting instructions in the slides, cut out the pattern during the class, and held up the final product in front of the screen. I gasped at how quickly and well-done it was, and he had not rehearsed it previously. What he did really brought home that special touch, and the endearing part was that he genuinely delighted in doing it. Without a doubt, he is my favourite teacher on LTL. :100:


He’s one of my favorites as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes I really like Robert too! I had him when I first started with Flexi and was on HSK 3/3+ and really enjoyed his classes, was happy to see he has been doing some HSK 5 ones recently :slight_smile: . I wish I could have seen the paper cutting, sounds amazing!

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