Favourite Cities To Travel

Let’s switch things up a bit… give me your top 3 cities to travel without giving it too much thought.

Mine in no particular order…

– Tokyo
– Seoul
– Bologna

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Interesting! @Max why Bologna in particular?

For me I’d say:

  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo
  • Melbourne

Simple answer - the food!

I love the region of Emilio Romagna which is where Bologna is based along with Ferrara and Modena. I always enjoy going to the region for the food alone :slight_smile:

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Same question…

This is tough to answer without giving it a thought @Max haha!

  • Hong Kong
  • Kyoto
  • Singapore

Very, very nearly made my list too!

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Kawaramachi Street with 1USD sake and tempura is just a steal that is hard to miss!

It’s a super fun, artsy city with the best little alleyways and coffee shops! It has all the Australian pros like random kangaroo encounters on the outskirts and the people are super fun, but it’s cheaper than Sydney and has more going on than Perth/Hobart! And less scary bugs than up north :eyes:

OK this tickled me :rofl:

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Ho Chi Minh City (VN)
Harbin (ZN)
New Orleans (US)

Absolutely love all three.

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Ooo nice mix there!

I had a trip to Harbin booked for the Ice Festival in 2015 but had to cancel last minute. Was gutted.

Never managed to get back since, will have to rectifiy that.

The weather in HCM is very hot from late March to May, and the rainy season comes after that. So I would advise traveling in the latter half of the year when the weather is more pleasant.
I live in HCM, and this time I stay indoors in an air-conditioned room and only go out in the evening. :rofl:

My favourites are
Los Angeles

This is right at the top of my list! I’ve transit through Istanbul, but never been outside. Need to sort that out.

How was it Regina?

Super! You have to move in the city!
Our small hotel near bazaar and hagia sofia! Very small : The Niles
Galatabridge and with the standard boat ( cheap traffic line starting from galata bridge)through bosporus!!! If you have more questions , our family loves Turkey since 40 years!!!nice greetings! Regina🚢

Harbin is super high up on my bucket list!! :heart_eyes: Did you go for the ice festival?

No. I spent a month there in the summer of 2019 studying Chinese. Gorgeous weather there in the summer!

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I was there for six weeks in December and January teaching a class. Perfect weather! And Christmas Eve in downtown HCMC is definitely a memorable occasion.

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OK super left-field shout here, love to see it Theirry.

Any reason why?