Favourite Chinese Actors and Actresses

We recently published articles on our favourite Chinese actors and actresses - who are your favourites?

Let’s have a chat about them - maybe we missed some of your favourites out?

Actors | Official | Top 20 Most Famous Chinese Actors (+10 from Hong Kong)
Actresses | 20 Most Famous Chinese Actresses in 2023 (+ Pics & Profiles)

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Actresses: 2
Actors: 8

Though, I mostly watch TV shows and the actresses in the article seem to be mainly from movies.
Secondly, I have a hard time remembering names, so unless I haven’t seen the actors’ name pop-up on MyDramaList at least twice, I mostly won’t know I’ve seen anything they were starring in. :smiley:

10 is actually pretty decent! Sound effort Stefanie

Zhu Yi Long!!??!! you didn’t include 朱一龙 in the list???
how… how… could you…

red faced

Maybe we’ll need to update it! Thanks for the suggestion @Pascale-Mandarin_Simplified_HS

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