Favorite Italian Flexi teacher?

Just got our first review for Flexi Italian on Trustpilot. Thanks so much David.
Has anyone else studied with Assunta yet? Any other teachers you like?

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I am joining David today in the Italian lesson. (My first one)
lesson number in the html adress: 489782
But as you can see no Assunta or other teacher is shown for today.


I have now had my first two lessons with Assunta and jumped straight into chapter 3.
I was very pleased with how Assunta did both, going over basic grammar but also challenging me to dig out my Italian from my student days with Italian friends in the 80s. Just perfect lessons.


Two votes for Assunta as their favourite Italian teacher now. We will definitely pass that on. If you want to write something nice about her on Trustpilot too, this is the link LTL Language School Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of ltl-school.com

My third Italian class was with Ermanno. (And my fourth also will be with Ermanno) Perfetto! He is an excellent speaking partner, knows well how to present the lesson and have a nice chat around the topic at the same time. I am so proud that I understood him perfectly.
So, now after two perfect teachers I can write an honest review on Trustpilot. :wink:


Thanks Sonja, I’ll have to take one with Ermanno soon. I’ve only studied with Assunta thus far.

The review was great, I sent you over an extra credit as a thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to leave one on Google for a further credit too :wink:

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After an other perfect lesson with Ermanno I now wrote on Google maps, LTL Taiwan .
yoush, that’s me. Here my statement for everybody. :wink: