Fancy recording a podcast in Mandarin?

Mandarin learners, are you interested in recording your own podcast episode entirely in Mandarin?

I’m the host of the Chinese learning podcast, I’m Learning Mandarin, featuring interviews with special guests about learning Chinese.

During my own Chinese learning journey, I’ve found setting myself a goal to record podcasts in Chinese is a great way of improving my speaking skills. So over the past few months I’ve been supporting learners of all levels to produce and record episodes in which they speak in Mandarin on a topic.

This involves coming up with a short script or outline in Mandarin for what you want to talk about and working on your delivery. You can check out previous episodes here:

If you’re interested in having a go at recording your own podcast episode in Mandarin send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to support you through the process. Learners of all levels are welcome to get in touch. 加油!

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Wow, that’s great! Your podcast is actually one on my Spotify list.

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Sounds like a great idea. I hope people will take you up on that offer. If anyone feels scared of making mistakes online, I can definitely understand, but there is no need to. Learning to speak Mandarin in real life is all about trying, failing and embarassing oneself once in a while (or rather frequently as was the case for me). We have all been there and the quicker you are willing to risk it, the faster you progress. 加油加油

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Awesome, thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope so too. Everyone who has done it so far has found it very worthwhile.