Express VPN in China

Just a note to anyone coming to Asia, Express VPN in China is still not working. Crazy considering in the pre-COVID days it was easily the most popular with foreigners.

Nowadays the most reliable would be Astrill and Let’s VPN.

I made a video about it a few months ago, which still remains very much in date despite the ever-changing nature of the issue!

If anyone has tried any others (for good or bad) please do comment below and we can help each other and remain full up-to-date :smiley:

BONUS || we also keep this VPN guide updated regularly for any China newbies


I didn’t now expect this one! But glad there are a couple options available.

I remember Nord VPN was very good at some point in 2019, has any one tried it recently?

Oh wow, I’m surprised Express VPN never recovered. I’ve also never heard of Let’s VPN, but good to know!

Astrill definitely seems to be working best for most people

In other news, apparently the eSIM definitely bypasses the need for a VPN. I’ve never had this feeling of checking Google on 5G before!

I also hot-spotted to my laptop to test it, and the result is the same.

Very cool - but how long will it last!

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The fact that eSim might bypass the need of a VPN is insane!! I’m going to Shanghai and Beijing in a couple of weeks so I think I might look into that as well :eyes:

I would still have a VPN as backup, just in case. When you’re in China, it’s very difficult to get a VPN set up.

Just a heads up :slight_smile:

Nord VPN doesn’t work!

that was a shock… and as Max says, it’s very hard to get VPN once you’re there.
Someone had to send me a file. It was complicated and illegal because at the moment the rule is you can use one but you need already to have it installed.

Even the Chinese Minister of Education reminds foreign students on Twitter to install one before they arrive in China.

But… it’s illegal to obtain one once you’re there, or send a file of a VPN, as explained to me by a Chinese friend.

I also have Letsvpn and it works very well, cross fingers.


except I think when I checked eSim cards it said it’s limited to certain phones.
My old Xiaomi 7 certainly can’t take it.

It would have been great because I travelled through a lot of countries to get to China and I could have had internet so easily. When I upgrade my phone…