Euro 2021 Chinese advertisements

Wales Vs Switzerland

got the first one 相信相信的力量 “the power or believing/trust” or “believe into the power or 相信”
Cant quite make out what the 2nd sign says. Anyone caught it?

Just a try with some technical help…
Mosquito Group
Would that make sense?

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Thanks! I just found it. The next ad helped: 支付宝 Alipay

蚂蚁集团 Ant Financial. One of the worlds largest financial corporations. Very useful

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The most dominant adverts at every game are Chinese ones! I’m hoping to get to the England game today so I’ll have a good look around the whole stadium and report back! :slight_smile:


I am on for Austria. Let’s see what we get. Jack Ma might not be the only one

Ten thousand Li Transfer?
Austria 奥地利 vs North Macedonia (not even Pleco knows how to say that in Mandarin)

支付宝 Alipay again

Alipay, online payment platform

My view today for England vs Croatia. We got our revenge after losing in the World Cup Semi Final!


Excellent and well deserved - though I have Croatia in my football teams sweep stake and so was routing for them :smiley:
Sponsored by 蚂蚁集团 Ant Financial too. I am starting to see the EUROs as a pretty good opportunity to practice Chinese company names.

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Sorry Andreas but on today’s showing you’ve got no hope with your sweepstake :wink:

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The Chinese name of WorldFirst, (originally UK payment platform), joined Ant Group

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Oh thanks! I saw their English language ads, didn’t realize that was the same company.
Very useful. Seems like all the Mandarin ad so far are from Alibaba

海信 Hisense

Who has a good translation for 明星画质? I understand the characters but don’t really know what they mean together?

The perfect translation is QF. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Hisense U7QF is the name of a :tv:

Perfect picture quality?

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That would make sense. 明星 is a star 画 a picture and 质 the first part of 质量 quality.
I have never seen 画 used for anything but a painting though.
This football thing is very educational :smiley:

画 - yes, I couldn’t find anything outside of art on Pleco.

On LEO and DeepL I found:
电视画面,(Fernsehbild), television picture, (very nice series of characters :grin:,lets me think about our German word components as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
画面质量, (Bildqualität), picture quality

What I don’t know is what would be the really perfect English ad expression, perfect, best, high-end…btw we would use these English words in a German! advert. :rofl:

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蚂蚁财富 this time. “The Wealth of Ants” would be the literal translation :grin:
And I can’t believe that Pleco still doesn’t have a translation for North Macedonia

DeepL has 3 suggestions:

Pleco only knows the former name, Republic of Macedonia, which existed until 2019.
马其顿 共和国
(which Greece didn’t accept).
Interesting: Pleco calls Skopje, capital of North Macedonia though.

LEO also needs a history lesson. :wink:

Google has no problem, btw :rofl: in different languages.

wordreference, the dictionary of my English online friend, also does not know North Macedonia.

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Wow, thanks for all the research. I looked for the Chinese embassy in North Macedonia 中华人民共和国驻北马其顿共和国大使馆 and they use
which if you chose to literally translate it would mean “Northern Qi Horse Pause” which at least entertained me this morning.

What is DeepL? They beat Pleco at least in this case, which rarely happens at least in my experience. Might be a good resource!

Oh, you don’t know DeepL? It’s a quite good translation machine, a good deal better than Google. I like it that it gives variants, that the AI shows “doubts”, hints what to think about.

It’s not a good thing to use those machines for translation only and trust them, but if you play around with them, and combine them with dictionaries and all other resources, if you spend some time, you can also learn a lot. :blush: I must admit that I really love it to play around online and read anything I find, and read :books: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :bookmark: :orange_book: Learning is somehow only a by-product. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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