English A1 introduction kick off

We are thrilled to announce that the first level of English language is starting at the moment.
Do you have any suggestions of what should be included in this A1 introduction level?
Some specific topic ideas would help!
Thank you for sharing :heart_decoration:

How exciting!
I have a few suggestions for you:

Personal introductions
Food - different meals, cuisines, cooking
Media - social media terms - we all need these!!
Entertainment - basic vocab and sentences to talk about books, tv shows, and music.
Travel - favourite countries, cities, holiday

Some grammar points to consider are using a/an/the and on/at/in correctly, plus adjectives with -ed and -ing are often tricky for people!

Hope this helps :smiling_face:


Wow thanks a lot! Noted :partying_face:

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I think Iā€™d start with basic greetings, letters of the alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation rules.

Some things will depend on what language(s) the students already know.

Thank you @Brett-Vietnamese-VN , collected!