Do you switch personality when you switch languages?

Since we’re all language learners here, I wanted to ask you if you “switch personality” when you switch languages… because, apparently, it’s a thing!

My friends always tell me I “look” different when I speak Chinese or English, so I made a quick research and found this article that actually confirms the “personality change” when you speak different languages

Here’s the article if you want to have a look:

Do you feel “different” when you speak different languages? Or does someone ever told you seem different?

I never really thought about that! I’m always very conscious of how to make proper sentences, make effort on my accent, so I guess I’m a bit less carefree.

But somehow, I express myself better in English compared to French on some topics because I read a lot in English, so it is a weird one :sweat_smile:

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I’m the same.

Sometimes I will make jokes in Chinese that I probably wouldn’t in English and vice versa


I noticed that I switch personality, but not due to the language but due to the culture, or the personality of my counterpart. Of course, language also plays its little role in this interaction.
I notice the biggest change when I speak (or spoke) Swiss German, I even hold my head differently, haha.
Chinese, I try not to switch to a more female higher pitch, softer voice, I usually speak with a deeper voice…I have a new Chinese friend, with her I feel “normal”, like myself. :blush:
English, I switch to a different kind of humour, and I am not as direct and “loud” as I am often.
Italian or Spanish, (Greek basics), I am in a holiday fun mood, even in winter, I laugh a lot and I am more social than normal. :wink:
French, I feel like a school girl, proud of any tried-out sentence, or ashamed about the poor result, brings out the insecure part of my personality.
I grew up with Bavarian, my dialect was a really strong one when I was young. When I speak Bavarian now, I feel like a stranger on a time travel.

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Wow Sonja that’s super interesting! Thanks for sharing :blush: