Do you remember your first "one-way" ticket?

2023 has been the year of “first times” for me.

I’ll move to Taipei in 2 days and it’s the first time I buy a “one-way” ticket.

Too many emotions (and too many things to pack)!!

Do you remember the first time you bought your first one-way ticket?


The first (and last so far) time I bought a one-way ticket was in 2020 when I was supposed to go to Korea for a student exchange… and in the end I was only there for 10 days as our exchange was cancelled due to covid.


My second trip to Asia as a backpacker was a one way trip with zero agenda, just go move about for as long as necessary. This was more than twenty years ago right around the time of the movie “The Beach,” and man… the beginning of the film captures that era soooooo perfectly.


First one way ticket in 2019 when I moved to Beijing to work at LTL :v:

However I had to book a return ticket a few months later because of covid!

I’m planning on buying another one way ticket early next year but this time for Taipei :wink:


Just before covid, in October 2019 > Warsaw. Booked my return flight home at the end of 2020.

Wanted to go to South Korea before going home but my friends discouraged me as they were worried I would get stuck there :sweat_smile:

What a shame, have you managed to get to South Korea since?