Do you have time for pre-class and/or post-class exercise when studying with Flexi?

We hear some opinions about adding some pre-class exercises in our PDF. I think it’d be fun to have a survey about people’s popular opinions regarding this. How do you make use of the PDF before and/or after class? Does the study habit change according to the level and language you’re taking? :thinking:

  • I prefer to learn the lesson only within the class time (and download the annotated PDF after class)
  • I do glance over the PDF before class
  • I usually read the PDF thoroughly before class
  • I would like to have more pre-class and homework exercises in the PDF
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Personally, I have found that the times when I’ve got the most out of my live sessions is when I have previously reviewed the material at least twice. The first one is to get familiar with the topic and the second one, to prepare some sentences I know I will be asked to make with the new vocabulary. In comparison, when I have not done that, trying to came with sentences right in the class gets really difficult and sometimes slows downs the dynamic of the live session, which it gets a little bit embarrassing if there are more students joining the class. I followed this protocol through my whole HSK 2 course, and by the last sessions received a lot of props from my teachers of how much my Chinese has improved which I have also noticed, and obviously reinforces my learning experience and keeps me highly motivated.



Thank you for your sharing! How long does it take for you to review twice? Do you review it after class too?

Hello, sorry for the delay. Usually takes me 30 min to review the first time. 15 min the second time.

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Ah thank you for the insights. Most of the voters also agreed that they are spending or want to spend more time for pre-class preparation, too. You’re speaking for the people here :laughing: I’m starting HSK 1 with Flexi so learnign how to learn from my fellow learners could help much. Thank you Carlos.