Do You Follow Us? What Content Do You Like Most?

Hey fellow language learners.

I was hoping to get some feedback from you all about our social media channels and the content we provide :slight_smile:

Weโ€™re always wanting to make the best content possible so weโ€™d love to hear from you about the following:

โ€“ Do you follow us on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, X, Tiktok, Discord? If so, which ones?

โ€“ What is your favourite kind of content that we create?

โ€“ Do you prefer watching short-form video content, or long form?

โ€“ When watching short-form content, do you prefer short, language learning videos, or cultural insights into a country.

โ€“ What sort of long-form video content would you want/expect from a company like LTL.

โ€“ Do you ever save, bookmark infographics that we create. Did you even know we create them?

โ€“ Are you a member of our email newsletter? If so, what do you think about it?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You know we listen to each and every comment so itโ€™ll all be taken on board with a smile :smiley:


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I personally like the infographics for studying Vietnamese. In a perfect world having some example usage sentences of the words would be a great addition to that, but thats probably very difficult with the limited space available.

Just bumping this in case anyone had feedback for our team :slight_smile:

We recently started our new Korean Youtube channel. Would love to see some of you head over, drop us a like and subscribe :slight_smile: