Do you find the Review Topic Names confusing?

Currently we name Review topics as “Review topics 81-84” or “REVIEW LESSON 161 TO 164”. However we dont number topics (because we dont want to give people the false impression they need to study them in exact order).
I wonder if this is confusing for some students?
Each chapter has two review topics. Would the name “HSK 3 Ch.3 Review 1” and “HSK 3 Ch.3 Review 2” be easier to understand for someone who just joined Flexi Classes?
I am working on this system every day, so I dont see things the same way as someone who enters Flexi the first time.

All suggestions are most welcome

I think it all makes sense, especially on the MY LEVELS page.

I am not sure how you could explain the content of the lesson in a title without it becoming too long.

My only (picky) grievance is the lack of consistency in naming.

I see any of the following:

Review lesson 1-4
Review Topic 1 - 4
Review Topic 1 to 4

It should be standardised (in my opinion all capitals as it’s a title) with no space, so…

Review Lesson 1-4

I prefer the word lesson to topic as multiple topics could be covered in one review lesson.

That’s just my feedback, otherwise for me it works well and makes sense.


No I don’t find them confusing, I think viewing them in My Level it’s clear, but I tend not to book the review classes straight away - I prefer to do all 4 classes, then at a later point review - so it is kind of a memory jog. Not sure if that is what you intended with the classes but I have found that more useful to me

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I really like having the review lessons, and agree with Chloe that it’s really helpful having the numbers on there :slight_smile:

HOWEVER, I would also really like to see the lesson numbers on each lesson too - I know you don’t want people to feel that they have to do the lessons exactly in order, but personally I’ve found that trying to do them out of order really doesn’t go well (at least at a beginners level for a language where I’m learning totally from scratch - it would be different if I was taking Chinese classes and would be happy to pick and choose topics to review). Realistically, a language does need to be taught in a certain order and lessons do build upon each other (it would be good to have this more integrated too, e.g. building in short review sections at the start of each class). It’s also difficult when I look at my notes to try and organise them in my folder without having lesson numbers on them, so it would definitely be helpful to have.

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thanks so much for the feedback.
I agree on the order, however this mainly applies to lower levels. Once one gets to a higher level, the order becomes less and less important.
So its a bit hard what to decide on to do.
Our main problem are new students who just come into FlexiClasses. Once someone has taken a few classes they usually understand the system and it all goes very well. The challenges are people who are just starting out and who do not really understand the Flexi Idea yet.

I agree with Max’s comment above.

New students, - I often tried to be in a two students’ lesson, but the fellow student didn’t appear - and I guess they all were first trial lesson students. I also had fellow students who really were not prepared at all for the lesson text and openly showed that they were bored from the beginning. One was literally in bed and yawned, closed the eyes, and complained. You can’t keep those. :laughing:

When I took my first lesson I worried about which lesson to take. As I never had a real teacher before this was a special situation and I knew that understanding and speaking would be a big challenge. But I dared to choose LTL because of the curriculum. I can read, so I can prepare vocab and answers. So at least if I fail to understand and answer, I can read and say my prepared things.

As a beginner at LTL, I felt like jumping on a running train. But well, I had taken the wrong train, I should have started with LTL HSK1. Being able to read and pronounce quite well is not being able to understand and answer, haha.

Do teachers know if it is your trial lesson or how many lessons you had already?
Nearly all teachers spend quite some time for the introduction small talk. I like this part very much. Both teacher and student get used to each other’s little English accent, way of pronouncing Chinese, personal character and talking style, the students can find concentration, tell their wishes and explain their situation.
I think this is the most important part for new students. As well as some encouraging but honest last words at the end of the lesson. :wink: