Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?

I’m from Italy and we traditionally do not celebrate it, but in the last years it has become more and more popular.

Now that I live in Taipei I can see the here things are pretty similar to Italy… they celebrate it with parties and costumes but there’s no proper tradition.

Similar here in the UK. Some like it, others don’t.

What it normally heralds is that once Hallowe’en is done… the shops and supermarkets go all out on Christmas.

Unpopular opinion || I genuinely dislike Hallowe’en. For me it’s just one big commercial ploy to sell more stuff.

Do you guys like or dislike it?

I usually don’t like Halloween either because I don’t like dressing up.

However, this year was my first year dressing up properly (as bubble tea :wink::bubble_tea:) and I have to admit that I had a lot of fun!

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Ahah, great costume choice!!

as bubble tea :wink::bubble_tea:

How can you mention that and not post pictures? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As a German… the situation back in the motherland is just about the same as anywhere else except for the US where it’s properly celebrated. There’s people who like it and those that don’t. I always liked it as I love dressing up and - being a goth-girl in my teens/twens - I dig the spooky part.

It’s about the same in Beijing… clubs and restaurants that are more Western-orientated have special events for Halloween. I don’t remember which year it was… I think 2014 when there was a flash mob kind of thing and hundreds of people met on subway line 2 in full costume to party. Afterwards, the city forbade getting on the metro dressed up and there was a huge debate about how Western holidays spoil Chinese culture. :crazy_face:


A bubble tea costume sounds fun! :sunglasses:

In Australia I would say it is becoming a little bit more popular here, specifically in bigger cities and with children. For example in my area I saw some children (maybe a dozen) in costumes going trick or treating with their parents in the evening. But the majority of houses did not particpate or decorate their houses. People probably give out candy if children come, but decorations are not very common.

Personally I think it is just another day. On the rare year there is an event on this day I may go with friends but otherwise it does not change much for me.


You’re right!!

Here’s me (Coco Bubble Tea) and @Hannah (五十岚 Bubble Tea) :bubble_tea::wink:


Oh wow a flash mob!! I’m a HUGE fan of flash mobs :heart_eyes:

I believe France would be the same as Italy and the rest of Europe, shops do decorate and kids go from house to house to get candy but it is definitely not as big as Christmas!

My parents were not into Halloween so I never went trick or treating, nor dressed up for a party, but to this day I still absolutely love seeing people’s costumes, especially the group ones!

@Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS the bubble tea costume were amazing :heart_eyes: did you create them yourself?

We did!! We bought the fabric for the bubble that we cut ourselves and glued on the dress. Then we bought some cardboard to make the straws and a headband. However, it was our colleague Alin who put together the straws… she was incredibile!

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Still waiting for national bubble tea day to pull this costume out again!

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