Do I need a Credit / Debit Card for Flexi Classes

We get asked this through messages quite often, so here a topic for any questions regarding payments and credit cards at Flexi.

To use Flexi Classes and get Flexi Credits a credit or debit card is required. This card does not have to belong to the actual user, but can also be a friend’s or someone else’s credit card. It does not matter if it is a debit or credit card, but is the only payment system that we can currently accept.

We actually do not process any payments or credit card details. That would be illegal, as we are a language school, not a bank and neither have the licenses nor technology for this. So LTL Flexi Classes actually has no access to credit card data (as it should be).

All credit card payments for Flexi Classes are processed by Stripe. They are the world’s largest online credit card processing company, are valued at something like 100 billion USD and process credit card payments for most major internet companies like Amazon, Uber, Grab etc.
They are a PCI Level One Security Service Provider and the safest way to make credit card transactions online. That is why we work with them.

In short, yes credit card data at Flexi Classes is absolutely safe. However, no we do not offer any other payment methods. So you do need to access to a credit card (does not have to be yours) to be able to use Flexi.