Difference between your HSK 4 / 5 and HSK Standard Course

What’s the difference between your HSK 4 / 5 and HSK Standard Course? I tried to match up some grammar points, but they don’t seem to. Am I right about that? What about vocab? How did you go about designing them? do you think If someone took all your HSK 4 classes they would do well on the test? What exactly is HSK 3+, 4+?


Good question. :rofl: I will start LTL HSK3 next week, but have already learnt 80 % of the official HSK3 vocabulary (= Standard Course) before, mostly on LTL HSK2.

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This is Rosie from PDF creation team. Our Flexi PDF are made following HSK grammar while the topics and vocab are created by ourselves as long as they are practical, useful and common in daily basis. WHy there are HSK4+? because there are two HSK4 courebook, one is 上, the other is 下。We expect that You not only can get the certificate but can communicate in Chinese as well.
In fact, The standard coursebook focus on passing the exam while our pdf can gain 2 aims.
Hope y answer satisfy you


Thanks for the explanation @Rosie-Cao
We follow the HSK structure in general, but not down to the dot. We are much more focused on speaking and useful phrases and grammar that can be used in Chinese today.
Some of the HSK materials are quite outdated.
If someone did all HSK 4+ lessons yes they should definitely be able to successfully pass the HSK 4 exam.
HSK 3+ and HSK 4+ are “middle” levels between HSK 3 / 4 and HSK 4 / 5. The steps in HSK are increasing, so while 50 lessons are easily enough to get from 0 to HSK 1, 50 topics are not enough to get from HSK 3 to 4. So we added a 2nd HSK 3 level (called HSK 3+) so it is a total of 100 topics to get from HSK 3 to 4.

I hope that helps.