Credits expire at the end of the month?

hey all,

relatively new here, I notice it says my credits “expire” at the end of the month right when the next billing cycle starts. Does this literally mean they will go away? (hope not)

Someone from LTL can answer better, but I think your credits expire at the end of whatever subscription period you’ve purchased. So, I have a 15 Credits/Month subscription. That means that the credits that I purchased March 31 expire on April 30. I can use credits from that block to schedule lessons in May and June, no problem. But I have to do so before April 30.

The other important aspect is around cancellation. Let’s say I use one of the credits purchased in that March 31-April 30 block to schedule a lesson on April 27, but I realize that I have a conflict. Or maybe I purchase a lesson for June 10 and realize I have a conflict. In either case, so long as I cancel the lesson 72 hours ahead of its start time and I execute that cancellation before April 30, I get the credit back. Then I can use that returned credit to book another class.

But, say that I use a credit from that March 31-April 30 block to purchase that lesson on June 10 and don’t decide to cancel until June 2. Sure, it’s 72 hours ahead of the June 10 lesson. But I won’t get the credit back because it’s “expired,” i.e. I’m outside the March 31-April 30 period of validity for the credit.

EDIT: Note that everything I’ve said here only describes what I know about Flexi-Classes. Also if you buy a multi-hour package, such as the 75 Hours package that’s good for 75 hours of classes over 4 months, the valid period of your credits in those full four months, at which point they “expire” as described in the one-month validity scenario.

At least that’s how I understand it.

I give LTL staff free and clear permission to correct me or delete this post if it misrepresents the expiration policy.


hmm, I guess it can be read a couple ways… “X” per month (meaning you are always buying that many per month), which doesn’t have to mean it expires. I think you are right though, it’s a use it or lose it method on the month. IMO, that’s super lame. It should be more like expires in 6 months or a year. I guess I’ll consider my lost ~70 Euros a tip to the staff lol :slight_smile: Good call on signing up for next month in advance, now I know.


Wasay, big thumbs up to @Michael-Mandarin-HSK_2ish you explained that perfectly. That is exactly how it works.

Subscription credits expire a month after purchasing, however expiry only applies to by when you need to make the booking. You can book classes as far into the future as you want independently of the expiry date, just make sure you make the booking before the credit expires.

Cancellations give you your credits back if you cancel 72hrs in advance and the credits are still valid (so it can be used for another booking).

There are packages of Flexi Classes you can purchase that have much longer credit validity, up to a year on Learn Chinese Online // A Revolutionary Way To Get Fluent Fast

This is how the system has been designed and works. However if you were busy and your credits expired, the Flexi Support (Margot and Linh) team have been known to be very generous with extending credits for our Flexi Forum members. Just email them on [email protected] with a link to this thread :wink:


Thanks, @Andreas_Admin_Flexi! :smiley: