Credit Refund When Canceling Class

Hi, I canceled a class today, which was scheduled for January 15th at 10:00 (EST). Since we are more than 72hrs before that date, I thought I would get my credit back for that class. However, I haven’t yet. Will I get them later, or did I forget to do something in order to get the credit? I wanted to cancel 2 other classes that I booked, but since I haven’t gotten the credit for the one I did cancel, I didn’t want to cancel the other yet.
I went to post to the Forum first because I saw that this is the fastest way to get help, but I will gladly send an email to the support team if that is what is needed.
Thank you!

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It’s great that we are able to have our credits returned , however personally in theses days of tight work schedules ,on demand & just in time processing , I would prefer that the refund time was reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours. Just my two cents worth.

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Thanks a lot for asking and it’s no problem to do that on the forum.
Credits are always returned if you cancel at least 72hrs in advance and you can use your credits to book classes as far into the future as you want to.

However, credits have a booking validity (you need to use them for a booking during that period) of one month. Afterwards they cannot be used to book a class again.

So if you cancel a class and the booking validity for the credit you booked it with is already expired then you can’t use the credit to book a new class.

Flexi Classes is designed as a subscription service, so you get a subscription for as many credits as you need in a month and then use them. It’s very flexible as in you can buy individual additional credits if you need more or use your credits to book classes further into the future too (though you can’t re book those then anymore).

Bigger subscriptions get bigger discounts of course.

I hope that helps. More details on (or just press the Help button on the Credits page).

Any questions just let me know.

@BRUCE-Mandarin-HSK_2 thanks we will keep that in mind for future planning. It’s always a balance between getting as low as possible prices and complete flexibility. We are very cheap at the moment of course with group classes being super small and I want to keep it that way, but of course even more flexibility to cancel short notice is also desirable. We will discuss this internally, thanks a lot for the feedback

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I have got the same problem today. I canceled the class on15th January because I wanted to make it earlier on 11th January. After I canceled the class and try to rebook, I found my credit not refunded. I am wondering if the credit is not refunded because it is expired.


I don’t think I’ve had this problem but perhaps it would be good to have a pop up warning if the credit has expired and cancelling the class will make you lose it? In the examples above, it seems a bit unfair as I guess the students would rather have taken the original class than lose the credit - it’s difficult for a student to remember what credit they used for booking the class


@Chao-Korean-Korean_A1_Beginner yes that would have been because the credit already expired.
This is why the subscriptions are the best way of studying. Getting a regular number of credits every month you can use to study this month. Just in case you cant finish them, its possible to book them into the future, but re-booking those classes wont be possible so the aim is always to use the credits in the month they were given.

@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 that is a good point. We will put this on the development list.