Crash Landing On You

There’s been quite a bit of talk about dramas recently… so here’s another.

I am super late to the party here but I just started CRASH LANDING ON YOU - a K Drama that I am sure many of you have heard of.

What is your general opinion? I really wasn’t a fan after episode 1 but it’s growing on me slowly but surely. 4 episodes in.

I was talking about this drama with friends just last week! It shows that despite the drama being a few years old it is still a thing haha

I have never watched it though! My friends strongly recommended I do

It has really grown on me for sure. Definite recommend thus far :slight_smile:

7 episodes in (slow progress as I’ve been quite busy)… still a good one!

Took some time but we got to the end eventually.

The storyline is great but it’s just so slow! 90 mins per episode? Easily could’ve been condensed into 45.

Enjoyed it, but the pace ruins it a bit for me.

It’s exactly why I don’t watch k-dramas anymore :sweat_smile:

The episodes are too long, or there are too many of them!

I somehow always confuse Crash Landing on You with Descendants of the Sun that I really really liked