Counting in Korean with 2 Numbering Systems 😱

If you’re learning another language, numbers are pretty high on the list of important things to know, the same applies for counting in Korean… but there’s a twist!!

Korean has two different numbering systems – native Korean numbers and Sino-Korean numbers.

1 to 3 in native Korean numbers is:
하나 hana
둘 dul
셋 set

1 to 3 in Sino-Korean numbers is:
일 il
이 i
삼 sam

Both systems are commonly used, though in different contexts.

For example, when telling the time, the hour is spoken in native Korean, while the minutes are in Sino-Korean!

It can sound daunting at first, but don’t worry, with time and practice this will become a lot easier :muscle:

If you want to learn how to count in Korean up to the highest numbers, you have to check this free lesson:

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Reminds me of the early struggles with 二 and 两 - but instead of one number, it’s a whole system :sweat_smile:

Oh wow using the two counting systems for telling the time must be super confusing!

Hard enough learning to count once, let alone twice :rofl: