Cool Mandarin Instagram accounts

I know there are a lot of good teaching accounts to follow (including LTL of course :wink:), but for this topic I’m more thinking about native speaker content, popular memes, etc. I waste a lot of time scrolling Instagram and the more Chinese speaking accounts I follow, the less bad I feel :laughing:

I just found this one with interesting facts called 「你知道嗎」and really liked it, it’s in traditional tho : Login • Instagram

Any more cool recommendations?


I’m not plugging an LTL blog because it’s LTL, but I genuinely wrote this a year or so ago which I think has some great accounts!! Learn Chinese on Instagram (for 2021-22) // 12 Must Follow Accounts

I was thinking of updating it this year with another 12, to make 24, and grow the list (as things change quickly on social media).

I’d also love to hear about some more but I hope maybe that article at least provides you with 1 new follow Chloe.

Personally - I always loved @chinesewithjen - quick, snappy videos about one topic including an example sentence. She provides very clear and concise audio as well


Thanks Max! I follow almost all of these accounts, but I did see this LTL article before which guided me to a few :wink:. Although for me they all fall into the “teaching” instead of “native speaker content” category

However, if you’re planning to add to the article I share some extra “teaching” insta accounts that I like:

  • @takeaway_chinese - the two girls who do this are my latest favourite Instagram account, the things they post are funny / useful / relatable!
  • @shuoshuo_chinese - mostly English + examples but this is useful since she often teaches difficult grammar points very clearly
  • @learnchinesewithdolores - mixture of free talking, teaching, different topics

For @chinesewithjen think Jen is great too! I started having private classes with her after following her useful posts, we talked for many hours about the characters in “Nothing But 30” :laughing:


Ah yes Takeaway Chinese is a new one we’ve followed lately. Very cool account that one!

Also familiar with the other 2 - I’ll put some time aside this year to update that article further.

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Another one for Chinese native content, memes etc:


that’s hilarious!