Cool class topic ideas

Some ideas I was thinking about recently for higher level classes:

  • Star signs (lots of people ask me about this in Taiwan!)
  • Job hunting
  • Common Chinese song vocabulary ( :smiley: )

Anyone have more suggestions?

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All good ideas! I haven’t been studying Chinese in some time since I am mainly focusing on Korean at the moment so I’m not sure if these topics exist already, but here are some topics people ask about on social media:

  • Quarantine vocab’ (to get ready for when borders open again)
  • How to find a place to stay in China (process, documents etc)
  • Health vocab, a stay at the hospital

I will post here if I get more suggestions, thanks @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 for creating this topic!

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Love this topic idea. I’ve really enjoyed the “modern day” topics thus far.

The COVID vaccine one I really quite liked, and any talking about Slang, New Apps (小红书) etc.

I’ll have a think about some over Christmas and note them here


Great ideas. Keep them coming please

Yeah same - I really liked the app related classes even though I haven’t been using those apps because they were useful vocab for any app in Chinese! On that topic, would also love :

  • Using iPhone in Chinese

Am doing this fine on my own for now but definitely would be great to revise some more difficult vocabulary so I can one day trust myself to use my work phone in Chinese :smile_cat:


This article could be a bit of help, if you haven’t visited it yet:

Max write it over a year ago but I think it is still relevant today :slight_smile:

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Would you like suggestions for blogs, not just classes?

I love that you have blogs about films, TV programmes, songs, readers etc to help with learning Chinese - but they are way beyond my very basic level. When learning other languages, I’ve found it really helpful to read children’s books, learn nursery rhymes etc. So is there any chance you could have blog that points beginners to children’s books, TV programmes, etc?

(My aim is to understand ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ soon! The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Mandarin 好餓的毛毛蟲 | Miss Panda’s Reading Playground - YouTube.)


Smart idea and one we can look at in 2022 for you Kathryn.

Thanks for posting!


One more - visiting KTV and using KTV machines!

KTV has always been trial and error for me, although now i have finally figured out 插播 / 點播 … :smiley:

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I was thinking it would be great to have a class about common colloquial phrases or slangs.
For example: Some of my Chinese friends often use "工作摸鱼“, which means slacking at work / taking it easy. Another one is "凉凉了“, which means it’s done for / it’s over. I think knowing these would be useful in real life :slight_smile:


Great idea and ones we are always working on.

In the meantime Charlene I highly recommend you check out the Slow Chinese Newsletter. It’s free and the content is absolutely what you’re after.

There is also a paid version which you can get a discount for through our review about Slow Chinese here.