Classes with other Korean learning students

How can I find and sign up for classes with other students? I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of other Korean learners on the site yet or I wouldn’t have this problem but I’d like to be in a class with other students too.

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Welcome to the Forum @paul-Korean-A1_Beginner_TOPIK
Yes, there are not so many Korean students in the system yet, so many of the group classes for Korean are actually just one student. Thats of course great value by paying for a group class and getting a 1on1 class, but I fully understand that you want to study with others together in a group. Its often just more fun.
When you book a class, you can see how many other students are in the class by checking the number next to the seat. The maximum seats available are 5, so if the number is 5 then there is currently no other student booked into the class. If the number however is 4 for example, there are only 4 seats left, so there is someone else in the class.

When you click on Class Details you can also see who else is in the class. If you click their profile and they are on the forum, you can click on it and see a list of all their upcoming future classes too (or contact them to say hello)

The best way to meet other people studying a language is actually this forum. I myself started studying with another Vietnamese student after she made this post

Make a similar one for Korean and let people know you would like to study together and they can then join your classes by clicking on your profile picture and see your upcoming classes (or you theirs)

Well I changed the topic a little so maybe it will catch the eye of any other like minded Korean students. Thanks for the tips. I tried looking at the number of students in the classes recommended for me and it’s all 5 across the board that I could see. So maybe there’s no active students who are at my level :laughing:.

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Well I am just starting Korean. So I’m sure your level is way beyond me. I am finding, too, that there’sa lot of empty classes! Getting 1-on-1 for the price a group is cool but it would also be nice to have some other students to study with on my level.

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Welcome to the forum @lisap88
Yes, paying group class prices and getting 1on1 classes is great value but fully understand that studying with others also makes learning more fun. What you can do

  1. At the bottom of each class card you can see the number of seats available in that class. The maximum is 5 students per class. So if that number is different to 5 at least one other student is booked into the class.
  2. Click on the class card to get to the class page and you can see the avatars of all students in that class. If you click on the avatar you will get to their Flexi forum profile page.
  3. Click on the Flexi Forum profile page of any student here and you can see a list of their upcoming classes. Click on any of them to join
  4. Group classes are cancelled 48h before they start if no student signed up for them. So any classes shown under book a class within the next 48 have at least one student in them.

We are starting to teach Korean courses in Korea now

so that should also lead to more people joining Flexi after finishing their course in Seoul.

Also, if you like Flexi, you can refer a friend and get 5 free Flexi classes for you and them.

Hope that helps and great to have you with us.

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