Class Didn't Start?

I assume my class was cancelled but I didn’t get any notification of such. The button changed to “Join Class” but I got an invalid link message. I see I got my credit back but just seems weird that there was no notification. How do I find out what happened?


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That should not happen. If you can join the class it was not cancelled. If it was cancelled it will disappear from your My Classes screen.
Did you refresh the page? Is the class under your past classes? If yes could you send us the link on [email protected] to find out what went wrong there.
Very sorry about this, I am not sure what went wrong but we will find out and make sure it won’t happen again.

I refreshed, tried zoom app and web version multiple times. It is not listed in my past classes.
Not too worried about it as I said previously, my credit was refunded.

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Do we get any notifications if class was cancelled? I was meant to have a class in 10mins at 8pm uk time but it is now gone but I’m only knowing just beforehand if I’m not logging in here earlier

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Oh ok yes so it was cancelled. It’s rare that a class is cancelled but if it happens you should receive an email about it.
Did it maybe end up in your spam?
It’s good to mark [email protected] as Non Spam in your email client to make sure all messages get through.

Welcome to the forum Shaun.
Yes, you should receive an email about it. Can you check your Spam?
We had a teacher last week who was supposed to teach quite a lot of classes but got admitted to hospital and will not be able to teach for a month. We re arranged most of the classes, but could not for some, so we are having a few cancellations this week unfortunately.
This will be solved soon

Thanks found the responses but 3rd occasion having no teacher or lesson cancelled in my first 2 weeks, I believe I’ve just responded to an email from yourself through support

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My colleague Linh handles support so it probably wasnt mine. Yes our teacher is still in hospital. Certain teachers tend to teach at certain times and many students tend to book classes at similar times, so if something like this happens it affects a few students quite a bit and most other people not at all.
Still that’s no help for you of course and I am very sorry about that. We are working on it and will have those classes all filled within no more than two weeks.
Thanks a lot for being so patient with us.