Christmas Tree Traditions

I’m Italian and in Italy the tradition wants that families do the Christmas Tree on December 8th!

Do you do it on December 8th too? Or do you have any other particular tradition in you country?

You can see them as early as November in the UK. It really changes by family and cause some rather intense debate!

It’s bad luck to keep the tree up after January 6th also.

In Germany, traditionally people shouldn’t put up their tree or other Christmas decoration before Totensonntag which translates to “Sunday in commemoration of the dead” which is the last Sunday before advent and this year fell on Nov 26th. And same as Max said, everything has to be removed by Jan 6th which is Epiphany Day and a public holiday in same States.

My family always had the tradition to decorate the tree on Dec 23th, though. :smile:

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Interesting that you have a specific date for it in Italy!

We don’t have any set dates in France, some do early December, others the week before Christmas etc However trees are being sold in shops around the end of November already :christmas_tree:

With my family we decorate the tree about ten days before Christmas and remove it about two weeks after

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In Vietnam, it’s not a common tradition for people to decorate their homes with Christmas trees. Catholic individuals tend to decorate their houses with a representation of the cave where Jesus was born. The decoration process usually starts at the beginning of December, but there isn’t a specific date. As for Christmas trees, they’re more of a thing for companies, shops, or malls.
Here’s an example of what a typical cave looks like in the Catholic community.

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