Chinese Vegetables Cheat Sheet

Ok not only vegetables, but they are all healthy.

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่˜‘่‡ is mo2 gu neutral tone on the second character

้ผ“๏ผŒ gu1, alone, already means mushroom.
All the names of special kinds of mushrooms have gu1 (with clearly the 1st tone) as the second character.
If you have ่˜‘่‡, two characters for mushroom, I suspect that it is not so important for native Chinese to pay close attention to the tone of the second character. I guess, as I often discover similar โ€œissuesโ€ about different tones in different dictionaries. My German-Chinese dictionary LEO says mo2gu1, by the way!
But I have another question about these mushrooms.
Are ่˜‘่‡ any kind of mushrooms or button mushrooms/white mushrooms? Or is both meant, like in British English?
I just have been told that in British English, mushrooms usually mean the button mushrooms. In German, we make a clear difference between any kind of mushrooms (Pilze) and button mushrooms, which we refer to by the French name โ€˜champignonโ€™.