Chinese News Words - 10 Useful Terms

A lot of Mandarin language students (myself included!) find it really difficult to consume Chinese news, even after yearsss of study :melting_face:

So I’d really recommend taking a look at this guest blog post by mylingua, they’ve come up with 10 must-know words to make reading Chinese news a lot less daunting!

Here’s some of the words I found particularly useful:

  1. 将 (jiāng): used to express the future; like a formal version of 会

  2. 及 (jí): this means ‘and’ or ‘to extend to’; often used like a formal 和

  3. 之 (zhī): used as a possessive particle; similar to a formal 的

There’s a lot more examples (including sentences and audio!) on the blog, so do go take a look if you’re ready to tackle some Mandarin news :sunglasses:

Do you guys have any tips for learning Chinese with the news?


This is super useful, thanks for sharing!

My master degree is in interpreting and translation so when I was in university I used to read as much international news as possible to be always updated and be ready to interpret everything.

During those years I really improved my Chinese because I was reading a lot, and one very useful exercise that my teacher used to make me do was: read an article in chinese, underline the main points and then expose the core content of the article in front of the class. In this way not only I had to understand what I was reading, but I also had to speak about it, which was very useful to learn new vocabulary and strucures!

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Super useful. You see these words often when reading but notice they are never used when speaking.

Good to join the dots.

Great work from the myLingua team :slight_smile:

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Nice article! Honestly this makes me feel better about being able to recognize characters in the news sometimes but not understand their meaning in that context - e.g. I had no idea 其 could be used as a possessive pronoun, I thought it was just short for 其实 :sweat_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever read the news in Chinese, except for a few paragraphs in Du Chinese a long time ago.

This is next level!