Chinese Measure Words

Italian (my native language), just like it happens for English, uses general counting words like “one”, “two”, “three” etc.

This is why, when I started to learn Chinese, one of the most difficult things for me was Chinese measure words, which accompany numerals when counting or quantifying objects. I always forgot to use them!

Now I’m definitely more familiar with them, but I still struggle remembering all the different types (I’m a HUGE fan of 个!).

However, since I moved to Taipei, I started to use 位 way more, especially when I go to a restaurant and the waiter asks me how many we are… a small step :muscle:t3:

We also have a guide with the most commonly used Chinese Measure Words that I find really useful: Chinese Measure Words 🤔 71 Frequently Used (With Free PDF, Video and Quiz)

Does your native language use classifiers?


Every beginners saviour! So useful :slight_smile:

Love dropping that ‘ge’ sound three times, with a different intonation on each!


The best measure word!

Easy ones for me are 杯 for glasses/cups,瓶 for bottles and 本 for books, because we use it frequently.

However measure words like 条 or 张 are a bit more difficult because can be used in multiple different instances

I love that this has turned into a 个 appreciation post :rofl:

Since I’m here, here’s my favourite Chinese measure word meme:

Just leaving this here: