Chinese KTV Songs

Hi all!

I love listening to Chinese songs, learning the lyrics, and impressing my colleagues at KTV sessions (in non-COVID times). I found it difficult to find good songs at first, thought I’d share some songs I’ve really enjoyed learning:

  • Jay Chou - 告白氣球
  • JJ Lin - 可惜沒如果
  • 克麗絲叮 - 一百萬個可能
  • 五月天 (Mayday) - OAOA
  • G.E.M.鄧紫棋- 句號
  • Namewee - 漂向北方

Does anyone have any other favourite songs/singers? I think the I list above ones are more popular where I live in Taiwan.

Personally, I’d love some classes that go through popular song lyrics. Would this be something other people would like too / LTL might consider in future?

Looking forward to hearing people’s suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:



That’s a great idea for a new topic on Flexi Classes: singing KTV songs

My favourite song is 回心转意 from 黑龙。pretty old now but the older generation always know it and it’s really fun to sing.
We learned 对面的女孩看过来at university so I sometimes add that one. It’s also super easy to learn because the vocab for the lyrics is quite basic.

And of course 月亮代表我的心 because well it’s just the most famous Chinese song there is and again very simple lyrics :smiley:

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Hi Chloe, as you live in Taiwan…
What about 胡夏?
那些年 is the only song that I met up to now. My daughter’s school once asked me to jump in and play piano for a Chinese delegation. They suggested this song to me. I’ve played it together with Mozart, hihi. To play for this delegation was my biggest success in my “career” as a pianist. :rofl: Never had a public with everybody taking their phones up and cheering loudly with no end, and probably will never have again. :rofl: :rofl: I am a pianist and teacher, but only have a regional “career”.
I am also a singer, and my teacher is already used to me singing in “all” languages. But I think he will faint when I will present my first Chinese song some day. :see_no_evil: :rofl:
Any suggestions what I could sing that is more like Western opera or classical song?


Hi Chloe! Did you have a look at LTL’s Spotify? I created it myself and am creating other playlists I will soon make public :slight_smile:

Any suggestions welcome!


Thanks guys! Sonja, I liked 那些年

@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 I always wonder if 月亮代表色的心 is just famous amongst foreigners, haha


Oops! Accidentally posted before I finished my reply properly…

@Marine I just followed the LTL Spotify list, thanks! remember I tried to follow it a while back when I saw it on instagram but it didn’t work. For the disney songs playlist, I recommend this Mulan song (not sure of the chinese name but it’s “I’ll make a man out of you” in the english language version. I learnt this one recently using the FluentU app and love it! Mulan I'll Make a Man Out of You (Chinese) - YouTube


haha, 月亮代表我的心 is just very old - so the young Chinese dont listen to it really anymore I think? However everyone I ever met knows it.
I am currently living in Saigon and I just heard it here in a taxi a few weeks ago strangely. I managed to impress my driver by singing the lyrics.


I absolutely love this song and definitely was on my list of songs to add on the Disney playlist, unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere on Spotify :frowning:


My latest songs that I’ve been learning (these ones I think are pretty easy vocab, some like 就是愛妳 I didn’t even need to learn new words for!):

一個人的精彩 Elva Hsiao
就是愛妳 David Tao
Hebe Tien (田馥甄) – 不醉不会
Hebe Tien (田馥甄) - 小幸运
我的歌声里 – 曲婉婷 Wanting
不得不愛 - Will Pan


wow! my favorite song in high school was Elva’s 一个人的精彩!relatively speaking, that was from awhile ago. so how do you know about it? lol

also listed are other of my favorites, like Wanting’s 我的歌声里 and Will Pan’s 不得不爱。 I went to college with Will’s younger brother as well (University of Washington).

you seem like you’re studying traditional chinese, which is also what i’m trying to improve on. have you been able to improve your traditional chinese with this LTL platform?




@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 You might be interested in the HSK3 course Learn Chinese with songs (free) and the HSK5 expansion course Chinese Song Lyrics ($9) from Zero to Hero. Some of the songs you mentioned are included.

These two are not instructor-led (as they are just collections of songs) and the lyrics are machine translated but I still enjoyed them. I think it would be great if LTL could build something similar for Flexi.


I actually went to KTV last week and it is not my Chinese ability holding me back with these songs, it’s the singing ability :smile_cat:


Also - just spent the evening studying Chinese Song Lyrics , thanks Ben! I had the HSK 5 pack already but hadn’t noticed this expansion, super helpful and fun.

I love learning songs and the pdfs on this site are such a good way of learning when you’re tired/can’t be bothered to do something too difficult


Hi guys,

Thought I would also share my two KTV playlists that I regularly update when I go to KTVs in Taiwan. These are made from more modern-sounding Chinese songs, feel free to listen and try to learn yourselves. I am around HSK 5 level but started learning songs when I was around HSK 3. I really recommend learning songs, it has been one of my favourite parts of Chinese so far and very enjoyable.

KTV: Spotify
KTV learning: Spotify

(They are in two lists to seperate the ones I know vs currently learning)


Started to listen…and I got stuck right away with the first song. :laughing:
“You exist in my song” - found the piano sheets online.
Thanks a lot for sharing :star_struck:


As on current situation and all the shops blasting the same 10 songs at the moment, please feel free to join me with those songs stuck in my heads for the last week.



Here are Skritter wordlists and videos for quite a few popular songs:

Even if you don’t use Skritter, you can still export the vocabulary into Hacking Chinese, Anki or whatever SRS software you use (or just review the lists).