Chinese food - love it or hate it?

I am a big Chinese food fan and not living in China without access to most Chinese cuisines (I am in Vietnam at the moment, here they only have Cantonese food, none of the others) is a HUGE issue for me.
Do they have Chinese food where you are? Good? Bad? Horrible? Any chicken intestine soups?


very delicious , I lived in Canton 广东 for 1 year and their food is very delicious I don’t know how you don’t like it. The second delicious one is Sichuan spicy food. and I can’t forget to mention 东北菜 also. Chinese food are delicious.
And yes I’ve tried also vietnamese food because I were used to live with 越南人 longtime ago and tried there food. If I am not wrong they like pork too much and also 醋

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Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to say Cantonese is not good. It’s amazing actually. What I miss is access to all the other Chinese cuisines, especially 湖南 and 四川.
I personally miss 东北菜 because I just lived in the North for so long, though when objectively one would have to admit that the Chinese Southern and Western cuisines are more refined than the Northern food. A steaming hotpot with 燕京啤酒 on a snowy Beijing winter day is one of the best things I have ever experienced though.