Chinese cat names 😸 any personal favourites or suggestions?

I’m considering maybe getting a cat in the next few months and since I’ll be living in Taipei, I’m thinking a Chinese cat name would be perfect :sunglasses:

Have you guys heard any cute/funny Chinese cat names? A lot of them seem to be descriptive like 小黑/小白

Otherwise, the vast majority I’ve heard are double character names or include ‘小’, like:

  • 甜甜 (tiantian ; sweetie)
  • 豆豆 (doudou ; beans)
  • 乐乐 (lele ; happy)
  • 小虎 (xiao hu, little tiger)
  • 小公主 (xiao gongzhu ; little princess)

Would love to hear what else you guys have heard!

Chinese cat names

Love this!

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This seems to be the case with dog names too :dog:


I love 乐乐 and 豆豆 , easy to pronounce and super cute :heart_eyes:

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甜甜 and 豆豆 are definitely my favorite, so cute!!

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