Chinese board games

Hi everyone,

Would you have suggestions for a cool Chinese board game that we could play with a biggish number of people?
We have a few Chinese friends in our group so they’ll be able to translate what we don’t understand. I thought it could be a fun way to spend time together and learn some Chinese too!
Maybe something I could buy on Tabao but it doesn’t need to be. I went to the bookstore Page One the other day and they had a selection.

Looking forward to your recommendations :smiling_face:

Not sure how big the group is but we tried playing Mahjong once with team of 2 people so 8 people played on 1 table. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Chinese chess is also a good option!

If you never played it and want to learn more about it, we have complete guide that could turn out useful: :smiley:

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oh la la! both mahjong and Chinese chess sound much too hard for us.
I was thinking something more silly like I’ve played in France where you have a map, say, and cards, with characters, and you conquer, or trade, or do missions, or heaven knows what :joy:
I thought it could be a cool way to learn new words and also have some food and be silly with our Chinese friends.

Having said that, I was at LTL Beijing on Tuesday for my lesson and there were two Swiss guys there and they promised me that next Tuesday they would teach me how to play Mahjong and we would have a go.
I really look forward to it! but I fear it’s really complicated.

Mahjong sounds very complicated when reading the rules online, but directly playing it under someone’s supervision makes it a looooot easier! Learning as you play is more efficient, and less scary