Chào các bạn! I have returned!

Chào mọi người! Mình có trở học tiếng việt vào Năm 2024 !

Mình có nhiều bài học tiếng việt năm ngoái nhưng mình stop :raised_hand:t2:

Last year (năm ngoái) I traveled Vietnam for the 2nd year in a row. I also visited in April and May 2022 (where I discovered and fell in love with the country)

In 2023, I stayed for 4 months (3 visa runs) mệt quá…
I visited many places, including Thanh Hóa (biển Sẩm Sơn), Vinh City (I visited Ho Chi Minhs hometown), Thái Bình, Phan Rang, Vũng Tàu… to name a few.

I tried to schedule lessons during my travelling but I couldn’t manage to keep on top of studying with my hectic travel… however I made many many Vietnamese friends and I haven’t stopped using Vietnamese since I stopped my lessons in April 2023.

I still regularly listen to Vietnamese music, occasionally Vietnamese podcasts (Have a sip) even if I don’t understand it and text daily with my Vietnamese friends in Vietnamese/Anhlish.

I still consider my level A1 but I’m quite familiar with the language now, I think my writing and pronunciation is quite good but I still have quite limited vocabulary and can’t talk about a lot of stuff (I still try to form my own sentences even if not 100% grammatically correct)

I’m back in 2024 and I look forward to much more progress with the language!

Cố lên!

  • Seán/Sơn

Welcome back Sean and thanks for your update there. Really great to read you’ve had such a productive time in Vietnam. I also went for the first time last year (twice) and feel the same - it’s quite a country!

Are you still based there now?

Hoping you can continue to push forward with your Vietnamese skills, I’ve every faith you will as you seem to be hugely passionate about it.

Keep it up and please feel free to continue sharing your story, it’ll no doubt prove great inspiration to others reading :slight_smile:

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I’m back In Ireland now, I was in Asia for 6 months and so far it’s my favourite place in the whole world:)) 4 months in VN, 2 weeks in Thailand, 1 week in Taipei (I even visited the LTL Taipei school… but I didn’t go inside… I just took a picture from outside haha) and the rest of my time divided between Malaysia and Philippines.

But oh sugar, I forgot I still had my timezone set to VN time on LTL and I booked a class for 8pm thinking it was GMT today and missed my class :frowning:

I’d like to apologise to the teacher who booked in for my class ‘Duyen My’… I don’t know her @tag on the forum so If you could apologise for me it would be great…

I’ll have to schedule class for next week, what a shameeee.

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Sounds like you had an incredible adventure!

Sorry to hear about your missed class. I travel for work a lot and am always paranoid that I’m going to miss meetings because of my ever-changing time zones. I can empathize with you there!

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Haai Bethany! Yeah it was great! I see that you speak Afrikaans, hoe gaan dit met u? I’ve learned a little bit myself as many South Africans have emigrated over the last few years and many visit my family business as customers. So I learned a few phrases to speak to them and make their day haha

Dankie. Totsiens :))

Hi, aangename kennis! Dit gaan goed met my dankie! I had no idea that South Africans were emigrating to Ireland. I know many like to go to Australia (and of course the US and England).

It’s lekker to see some Afrikaans, you made my day. :slight_smile:

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What a trip! Next time, you’re welcome to come in and say hi at our schools. Our Taipei school team are as friendly as they come!

No worries about missing the class - timezones catch us all out (I’ve done the same many times for meetings, never learning!)

What was your favourite part of VN having spent four months there?

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@Sean-Vietnamese-VN_A1_Beginner When you are next in Saigon visit the Flexi Classes team in Saigon