Changes in Flexi Billing Cycle

We are planning to do two new things and I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this:

  1. We are preparing to start offering a one week free trial for all new students signing up to Flexi Classes (with 3 credits to take 3 group classes). Afterwards they can continue with a subscriptions (or not, up to them)

  2. Change the billing cycle to four weeks from one month (and make the packages slightly smaller). This is so when a student chooses which program they want to study they will be able to choose the exact number of classes per week instead of per month, as most people think in weeks not months when planning studies (at least I do).
    Should not have any effect on old subscriptions, but make the packages slightly smaller so its also easier to buy them.

All thoughts and feedback most welcome

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Just personal feedback -

  • 1 month vs 4 weeks - personally I would find this annoying as I like knowing it’s the 15th every month and not needing to check each month when it renews
  • Weeks vs month - similarly I never have the same schedule/workload week to week so I would never want a weekly subscription, I like the monthly option. Interested to know if others take the same classes / same amount of classes on a weekly basis? I would have assumed not because of the “flexi” nature but I guess I’m a minority!

Edit - in light of my feedback, you’ve said it shouldn’t have an effect on old subscriptions, so I can keep my current subscription right? haha


Thanks that’s very interesting. Yes and We will definitely try to keep the old subscriptions active

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I would be very glad if you can change the billing cycle. Usually I have the same schedule, so it is quite annoying to find a way for all the booked lessons.

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I also like the monthly cycle because of the billing to ensure that I’m not billed twice in the same month.

I have checked the credits help:
There is a little mistake in the link, the “h”:

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What about the planned flexi billing cycle? I have to renew my subscription (10 lessons 1-on-1 with a fixed weekly schedule). It is quite annoying to put 10 lessons with a fixed weekly schedule into a monthly planning. Knowing I have to renew eight lessons every four weeks would make it much easier for both sides - the teacher and me.

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Personally I agree with @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5. A monthly billing cycle works well for me at least as it’s easier to keep track of billing / when to use up credits by. I can’t think of any other regular bills that are on a 4 week vs monthly billing cycle, e.g. phone bill or utilities, but that may be location specific.

I don’t think that it’s possible to get the number of credits perfectly matched with the exact number of classes one might want to take. Sometimes I have credits left and have to roll them into the next month, and sometimes I don’t have enough. If there was a weekly subscription, I’d maybe use it as a top-up rather than buying individual credits, if I’d miscalculated which monthly subscription to take at the beginning of the month, but I wouldn’t use a weekly subscription all the time.

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Very good spot Sonja! I fixed it, thank you for mentioning it :blush:

I would like to speak out for a montly billing cycle as well.

January suddenly got very busy, so I had to cancel two classes last minute and lost the credits (fair enough as it was my decision) but for the other three I had left I wanted to book some classes for February at the end of January as I remembered the last time that the credits were valid until Dec 30th. Before I knew it, I was charged again on January 27th and lost the three credits. -_-
I dont know about other people, but for paying bills I’d rather remember a specific date than “the fourth Tuesday of every month”. If you prefer the four-weekly billing cycle I’d suggest a reminder about any unused credits a couple of days before expiration.