Change the "Unlimited Topics Ahead" Filter?

I always thought this is an incredibly useful filter when booking classes for the future - however I dont know how useful people actually find it. Any feedback about who uses it and how would be most appreciated.

There are two suggestions about changing it:

  1. In another topic, it was mentioned that people might prefer this filter to not only include already studied topics, but also already booked topics when deciding which topics for the future to show.
    So as an example, currently the 5 topics ahead filter will display

“All topics in your level that you did not study yet up to 5 topics ahead of the highest topic you already studied”

Should we change it to

“All topics in your level that you did not study yet up to 5 topics ahead of the highest topic you already studied or booked for the future”

The problem then is that if you booked a lot of topics in the future, it will suggest you topics 5 topics ahead from the highest topic you booked, which might be ok to study after you finished all these topics, but right now would be too high for you?

  1. Rename the filter options because currently quite a lot of people find it a bit too difficult to understand

Unlimited Topics Ahead change to – All Chapters
10 Topics Ahead change to – One Chapter ahead (10 topics)
5 Topics Ahead change to – Half a Chapter ahead (5 topics)
1 Topics Ahead change to – One Topic Ahead (1 topic)

What do you guys think? All suggestions and thoughts are most welcome.

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Up to now I didn’t use this filter for two reasons.
First of all I decided which day and hour I could do a lesson.
Second I looked into the lesson texts and picked out of Chapter 1 to 3 of HSK2, but will try also now HSK1, as I saw a lot of new words there.

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Thanks. It’s very interesting and super useful to hear how people actually use this.
I wonder if a chapter filter would make more sense? Only show me topics from XX chapter(s)?

Maybe yes. But wait for other answers.
I am a “special candidate” as we say in German. I can read and understand HSK2, pronounce tones quite well, but I never had a Chinese teacher or built my own sentences. LTL is perfect to learn to listen and understand and answer questions. :rofl: So talking I am really HSK1, reading and learning additional words all of HSK2 fits perfectly.

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