Cantonese series and movies

Hi everyone, I wanted to share some platforms that could be helpfull with everyones cantonese learning journey!

Netflix, Disneyplus and the youtube channel TVB pearl offer old cantonese series and dubbed cantonese voices. It helps with hearing and understanding daily conversations.

I hope that everyone can share some binge watch worthy series and movies!


Thanks Leyane and welcome along to the forum.

Any recommendations for favourite Cantonese series/films you’ve seen so far?


I’m now enjoying dubbed Aggrestsuko as a modern serie and 溏心風暴 (heart of greed) as a classic serie. Further will 衝上雲霄 (Triumph in the sky) always be a childhood favorite!

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Hi! If you want to discover new Chinese series I suggest you to have a look at Viki. It’s a streaming platform that offers a large choice of Chinese dramas. Many are free!
But unfortunately for the moment, there is only one Cantonese series.
Hopefully this can be useful to you.


Thanks a lot @Lindsay-Mandarin_Simplified_HS and welcome to the Flexi Forum. It’s great to have you with us, especially posting about Cantonese. 多谢

Hi Lindsay, thank you for sharing!
Sadly non of the Cantonese movies/series are available in my region. But thankfully I can enjoy the Korean, Japanese and Mandarin series on Viki, even though i’m not actively learning these languages.


Oh that’s a shame. Maybe later on the one available in my country will be available for yours too

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