Cantonese group courses will surely be conducted?

May I know Cantonese group courses will be surely conducted as listed?

I’m considering to enroll Cantonese 10h class/week for rapid learning. Thanks :smiley:


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When you sign up for a full course, a teacher will be assigned to that course and classes will definitely be conducted as planned! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Stefanie-Mandarin-HSK_3 , your answer was definitely what I’ve wanted to know! Because it’s too sad that if the class cancelled after I buy tickets for full course.

I’ll wait a reply from flexiclass just in case and hope I can start learning Cantonese soon.

Really thanks for your kindness!


Maybe @AmeNguyen can reply. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rumi, we talked in the email. I will also put it here again.
You can have intensive 10hr/w or standard 4hr/w of your choice. Once you book a full course, all of the classes in that level of that course will be booked for you.
I see that you already taking some classes in Cantonese already.


Hi @AmeNguyen, Yes, thanks for your email!

I already started learning Cantonese :slight_smile:

One request from me, is there any possibility that I can learn Cantonese in traditional character?
Since I’d like to use it for business in HK.


Hi Rumi, thank you for your recommendation. We sure get your request noted down. For now, we actually don’t have Cantonese in traditional character. We use Simplified Cantonese as the biggest Cantonese speaking area (Guangdong province) use it. If anyone also want to try out Cantonese in Traditional character, please like this reply and the development will sure notice and get more effort pushing it to public.

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