Cannot read HSK 5+ learning materials

When I want to open HSK 5+ learning materials to print it, I cannot read it, the Signs are no 汉字!when I open any other learning materials( up to HSK 5) there is no problem!
Please check the learnin materials of HSK 5+!

Hi Regina, thank you for the post. When we updated the material to be able to copy and paste, there was a crash in the pdf exporting that caused this issue. We just updated everything back to the system. Sorry for all the inconvenience it may cause to you :pray:

I just took a look out of curiosity and it’s still not fixed, some HSK 5 lessons also seem to have the same problem

Hi Sandra, thank you for spotting out. Can you name specific topics that went wrong? I’m sorry for all the inconvenience. We did updated the whole thing all over and might be a few still not updated. Any pdf you spotted that not readable, you can report as we will get that fixed asap

I haven’t checked all lessons, but every HSK 5+ one I clicked on is broken :slightly_frowning_face:

Just tested a couple and all the HSK 5+ PDFs I opened (Table manners, Pandemic, Classical Music, Zodiac Signs ) looked as they should. Maybe its a front-end problem?

The same PDF works for me if I use Adobe Acrobat (on the left) but not when using System Preview on Mac (on the right).

Oh dear, this problem is totally new level for us. Let us check more what’s the difference in these pdfs

Dear ame! Still not working with hsk 5+ material! Did you change anything! Thank you❤️