Canceled class, credit not returned

I canceled a class over an hour ago, but the credit has not been returned. It was a class with another student, 2 weeks from now. Tried refreshing, logging out an in, still didn’t return. I then canceled another class and got one credit back immediately. Still short 1 credit though. Any idea?

Credits will only be automatically returned to your account if you cancel within 72 hours and within the valid period of the credit. Because one credit is set to expire on August 8 and another on September 3, a refund will only be possible for the latter.
Since the credit expired just a few hours ago, I went ahead and extended it so you can book your next class.


That doesn’t make sense to me, because I bought 100 credits in April(the last credits I bought), they should be good until October.

Yes, you are true. You initially bought 100 credits to use until October. I’m unable to see the exact time when you utilized all 100 credits. Nevertheless, let me explain how our credit system operates in this scenario.

Credits are returned based on the specific “credit type” you were utilizing before. In your case, since you’ve already used up all 100 credits from “subscription” for class bookings, any subsequent bookings would involve the use of “extra credit”.

The class that you canceled was initially booked using “extra credit” . Upon cancellation, our system reviews the credit type used for that specific class and checks its validity period. If you cancel the class prior to the expiration date of the credits used and before 72h, the system will automatically return those credits to your account.

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Ok,I see, I didn’t realize I had so many extra credits :star_struck:

I guess from referrals and so forth.

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