Can I cancel a Flexi Class?

I get often asked regarding the Flexi Class cancelation policy, so here a quick summary

It is possible to cancel Flexi Classes on the My Classes page.
There are two different kinds of Flexi Class Cancelations

  1. Immediate Cancel: Within 30 minutes of making a booking, you can cancel any class and immediately get your credits back.
  2. Normal Cancel: You can always cancel a class via the “Cancel Class” button. The credits are returned as long as the class is cancelled at least 72hrs in advance during the credit’s validity.

The Flexi Credit System is explained here

Note: If you cannot make it to a class, please always cancel it as early as possible. Even if it is less than 72hrs, please still cancel as early as possible. We have a rule that teachers need to wait for students for 40 minutes if there is no student in the class. So a teacher will spend 40 minutes sitting in front of an empty screen, which is not a very fun thing to do.

If possible, please don’t cancel. The teacher will cry in front of the laptop. ^^