Calendar isn't updating

Does anyone have trouble with the calendar (outlook and google) not updating? Any way to fix this? When I cancel classes to reschedule them they don’t get fixed in the calendars. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the calendars.

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Hello @Cassandra-Vietnamese-VN_Intro and welcome to the forum. Thanks a lot for asking.

I think it works for most people, but I have also heard from some people that they had trouble.

I am not a calendar expert, but let me try to understand and the trouble shoot

  1. You have the calendar connected twice, once to Google and once to Outlook? So these are actually two different calendar synchronisations, correct?

  2. Did it ever work and then stopped or it never worked?

  3. Do you have some screen shots of classes that did update if they ever did?

  4. Did you wait a little? Maybe the update takes some time?

Thanks a lot for asking here, I think some other people had also issues occasionally (though for most it works).

Anyone else experienced those problems and / or found a way to solve it?